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About AY Pickleball

Meet The Team

Amy found pickleball in 2016 after a sports background in coaching and teaching.

Amy has a B.S. in Education from Baylor University, and she has a background in physical education and coaching in both the public and private school systems, as well as a former personal trainer.

Amy is a National silver medalist in 5.0, 35+ MXD doubles, and she now competes as a senior pro in tournament around the country.

Amy is a Team Head Penn sponsored 5.0 level player.

One of her many highlights is a bronze medal at Nationals in Women's Doubles.

Amy has a love of teaching and pickleball and is very enthusiastic and fun to work with. She stresses building a solid foundation in pickleball then building on your fundamentals to take you to the next level.

Amy lives in San Marcos, Texas with her husband and two boys, but travels to coach and work with clients in the central Texas area. 

Matthew developed a love for pickleball in 2015 when he met his now wife and mother-in-law at a rec-center in Tennessee. Since then, it has been an every day thought.


Matthew's favorite thing about pickleball is all of the friendships and relationships he could have never imagined being formed through pickleball. 


During college, while obtaining his Exercise Science degree, Matthew fell in love with the art of instruction. Because of this, Matthew combined his two passions together and began learning how to teach pickleball in the spring of 2019. 


Matthew now lives in Temple, Texas with his wife and two dogs but is blessed to be coaching all over Central Texas, spreading the joy of pickleball.

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